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By now, you have probably heard all about the amazing advantages of drinking Kangen Water®. In order to truly understand the ways in which Kangen Water® can help many areas of your life, it will be beneficial to get to know the company behind the product.

Enagic® is a privately owned Japanese company, over 40 years old, that manufacturers the alkaline ionized Kangen Water® Systems. Since Hironari Oshiro founded the company in 1974, it has expanded operations globally to most of the major countries where people are trying to lead healthier lives. To date, the company has sold well over 400,000 water ionizers in Japan alone. Now they are making Kangen Water® available to the world.

Enagic® provides an exclusive warranty, so you know you can trust the performance and quality of the water you are drinking. In fact, Enagic is the only water ionization company in the world to receive the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the prestigious ISO 13485 certification to manufacture, service and distribute a medical device. Enagic is also the only company to earn the gold seal certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA). Enagic’s medical devises are approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare for use in hospitals. They are endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases and utilized in clinical applications by more 6500 doctors.  We stand behind every product we sell.

You deserve a full life of health and happiness, and drinking cleaner water can help you to achieve those goals. Enagic® is confident that Kangen Water® will help you to start realizing a better lifestyle. And you can save money by using our Enagic® Water Systems to ionize water and filter out impurities conveniently in your home or office.

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Discover Kangen Water®!

You can trust Enagic® to provide you with a superior Alkaline Ionized Kangen Water® System. Start hydrating your body with the highest quality water available, and discover today what it can do for you!

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