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Learn a little bit of history of Kangen Water

Japanese started researching on electrolysed reduced water like Kangen water.

They used it for agriculture.

An ionizer machine, for Hospital trials was used.

Japanese govt accepted it as a medical Device.

Use only in Japanese hospitals.

1st home unit made. 1 in 6 Japanese home have a kangen.

1st kangen office of in USA.

The Japanese reinforced the beneficial uses of Kangen water. Many research papers documented by Germans, Japanese & world renowned Drs n scientist.

Enagic open in Malaysia. Kangen machine for Malaysian market.

India Operations. 

What are the benefits of drinking KANGEN water?

Our body is made up of 70 to 80% water and it goes through oxidation all the time which is plain words  is ageing. This water in of the best antioxidant in the world with ORP (Oxygen reduction Potential)  of -600 to -800. The green tea  which you normally have as an effective antioxidant has an ORP of -20. Which means having one liter of kangen water is equivalent to having 20-30 cups of green tea. So we can clearly see the benefits of kangen water is immense.

Kangen Water cuts the acidity of your body neutralizes the same and makes it ALKALINE (Alkaline means Health and Acidic means Sickness).


Because of MICRO-CLUSTERING the waters molecular  structure is 7-8 times smaller than the normal RO Water, which enables kangen water to promote and process deep cellular. This revitalizes the cells  of our body making them porous which in turn promotes greater absorption of nutrients and minerals from your everyday food.

Kangen water is one of the best detoxification agents on a everyday basis. Having kangen water makes your daily bathroom experience very pleasant and thorough.  

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